Creating the next generation trading products

Automate Your Trading

Streamline the trading process by automating your complex trading strategies

Optimized For Speed

Each and every component in the trading engine is highly optimized for low latency trading

Real-time Updates

Monitor trades and view profit/loss figures on a real-time basis

Research/ Backtest Your Strategies

Using latest technologies like big data/AI, research and backtest high performance trading strategies

Connect To Exchanges

Connect to the order gateway and subscribe market data from multiple exchanges around the world

Back Office Systems

Generate performance reports, daily statements and reconcile trades using the back office systems


XTG Trading Suite has a variety of next generation trading products to fulfill the requirements of the trading community. To get the full list of products, request for our brochure at sales@xtgtechnologies.com

XTG Trader

User interface for accessing the strategies and monitoring market prices and trades.

XTG Advanced Strategy Engine (XASE)

Highly sophisticated strategy engine to run complex strategies. Optimized for running HFT (High Frequency) strategies.

XTG Order Gateway (XOG)

Gateway for sending orders to the exchanges and receiving confirmations from the exchanges with the lowest latency.

XTG Market Data Interface (XMDI)

Interface for subscribing to market data from multiple exchanges. Support for both TCP and UDP protocols as well as FIX and FAST.

XTG Exchange Simulator

The XTG Simulator simulates the functioning of an actual exchange. Various modes like manual mode, automatic mode, independent market data mode are provided.

XTG BackTester

Interface to backtest the strategies for its proper functioning as well to test the performance.

Choose XTG

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XTG Technologies is a financial technology company. The main focus of the company is to provide traders with highly sophisticated tools to take their trading to the next level.

XTG Technologies have two associate companies located in Dubai. XGen FinTech Ltd based at DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre) and FinTech Traders DMCC based at DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre).

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